I am an aspiring filmmaker and as such I recently decided to go back through the years and watch a few movies that achieved critical acclaim and multiple awards, but never got around to before now.  My most recent watch was a rather controversial flick when it first hit theaters: Brokeback Mountain.  Many people (myself included) know this as “the gay cowboy movie.”  Well I suppose there are worse identifiers out there, but this one struck me as interesting.  Given that both lead actors and the directors are straight, I knew there had to be more to this story than gay cowboy love, and all of the stereotypes you would expect from it…

And behold…there is!  This is a love story unlike any other recently told, but not for the obvious reason.  True, it is different because it is one of the first well-recognized films that has two gay protagonists, but it has a very Romeo and Juliet feel, which is a departure from the Disney “happily ever after” endings most movies have.  The underlying theme is of a love that is both shameful and eventually taken from you.  This is a universal theme and one that is no stranger to our history.  Interfamilial marriages in the middle ages, interracial marriages in the twentieth century, and now we have gay marriage.  Same theme, different story.

So who do I suggest see this movie?  Almost everyone.  I say almost because obviously children aren’t mature enough to understand, but also those of a homophobic bent- perhaps this is not your cup of tea.  That fact is unfortunate though, because the expression of love and commentary on acceptance is unbeatable and I believe that anyone who gives this movie a shot won’t regret it.  If you do, I hear Forest Gump is a good film…

I’ll be posting more “Blast from the past” reviews in the future, so keep an eye out!