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Think of your childhood. Think how you went on to discover things for the first time. Think of the first book you read. Think of when you listened to a song and loved the lyrics and the arrangement and how it made you feel. Anytime you discovered something new, your life expanded past anything you had ever experienced before. This is something we can take for granted, and today was a day where I was reminded of it, and I felt I should talk about.

One of the most important things to me is music, and the effect it has on people. Today was a reaffirmation of that love and interest. I went to the student union at Ohio University (Baker) and listened to two friends of mine play piano and guitar on the fourth floor. This is something I’ve witnessed many times before, and I’ve come to appreciate listening to them, but today, I was intrigued by who was listening to them. A little baby girl, probably around 6 months old was sitting in a stroller, actively listening to the gorgeous music coming from piano.

You could see that she could comprehend the sounds, and that she was affected by it. Yes, she couldn’t fully realize what it was that she was hearing, but you could tell in her eyes the wonder and amazement at the sound that she perceived. There was a point where she actually seemed to be attempting to move to the music too.

The reason that I bring this up is because of the innocent amazement that this baby’s response to the music was. It is a reminder of the universal connection that music can bring to all of us. Through a well constructed arrangement of notes, rhythm and melody, emotions can be brought out that anyone can feel, even the ones who maybe can’t even understand or state what it is they are feeling. Next time you listen to music, remember to take a minute and appreciate what it is you’re hearing. It is a wonderful thing to see.