For Your Sake

…and ours.

Are you feeling a little confused? Overwhelmed, perhaps, by the subtle awesomeness (or seeming disorganization) of our website? Well, here are a few tips to help you fully optimize your experience on Culture Schmulture (so you’ll never miss a thing):

1. Like us! Follow us, recommend us, stalk us…. click on the “CultSchmult On…” tab to visit our FaceBook or Twitter pages, or enter your e-mail adress on the right panel of the homepage. We’ll post, and you’ll be notified (can’t get much easier than that…)

2. Clicky the linkies… We put them there for a reason. Whenever you see an underlined word like this one, or a phrase like this one, it is a personal invitation from us to you- so put those pointer fingers to good work! More detailed information or a collection of related articles will magically appear for your perusal.

3. Feel free to contribute. What, do I have to write you a permission slip? You, as a reader, are allowed to- nay, entitled to- give your opinion. We don’t just talk to hear our own voices (well, usually). We want you to send in suggestions, posts, or even just leave a comment. “Social” commentary implies community, right? So make like one of those hippie communes and let it all hang out!

Go to the “About Us” page for contact info.


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